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Coal Communications Kit - Table of Contents
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American Coal Council
2015 Tomorrow's Leadership Council Annual Report

Coal Communications Kit



Table of Contents 

“It’s clearly possible to increase fossil fuel use while decreasing pollution. This is a lesson that China can learn – and as it adopts more sophisticated modern coal plants, is starting to learn.” –Alex Epstein

Download the full 2015 TLC Coal Communications Kit in PDF format




Technological Improvements in the Coal Industry

  • A Strong Foundation for Technological Growth
  • Technological Improvements for Coal: Facebook Post
  • Technological Improvements for Coal: Elevator Speech
  • Technological Improvements for Coal: Objections and Responses


Airborne Emissions and Emission Reduction Technology

  • A Growing Technology Legacy
    • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • A Cautionary Tale: FutureGen
  • Airborne Emissions & Emission Reduction Technology
    • Elevator Speech
    • Clean Power Plan


Coal Scalability

  • Transportation Infrastructure
    • Access to the Largest Fuel Source in the US
  • Fuel Versatility
  • Coal Scalability: Facebook Post


Renewable Energy


Grid Reliability

  • Reliability Challenges of Renewable and Other Sources
    • Superiority of Coal
  • Grid Reliability: Facebook Post
  • Grid Reliability: Elevator Speech
  • Grid Reliability: Objections and Responses


Climate Change & CO2

  • Climate Change & CO2: Facebook Post
  • Climate Change & CO2: Elevator Speech
  • Climate Change & CO2: Objections and Responses


 The Human Cost Without Coal

  • The Human Cost Without Coal: Facebook Post


International Trade

  • International Trade: Facebook Post
  • International Trade: Elevator Speech
  • International Trade: Objections and Responses


The Energy Effect

  • The Energy Effect: Facebook Post
  • The Energy Effect: Elevator Speech
  • The Energy Effect: Objections and Responses


Mining Impacts, Mountaintop and Surface Mining

  • Mining Impacts, Mountaintop and Surface Mining Facebook Post
  • Mining Impacts, Mountaintop and Surface Mining Elevator Speech
  • Mining Impacts, Mountaintop & Surface Mining: Objections & Responses


Natural Resources: Resource Depletion vs. Creation

  • Natural Resources- Depletion vs. Creation: Facebook Post
  • Natural Resources- Depletion vs. Creation: Elevator Speech


EPA Regulations of Airborne Emissions

  • EPA Regulations of Airborne Emissions: Facebook Post
  • EPA Regulations of Airborne Emissions: Elevator Speech


Pollution in China

  • Pollution in China: Facebook Post
  • Pollution in China: Elevator Speech


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