Coal Fundamentals 2009 TLC
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"From the Hole in the Ground to the Plug in the Wall”

This web-based program is a member-focused, comprehensive introduction to the coal industry. The material in the Coal Fundamentals  documents is suitable for educating new hires, public policy makers, students, the media and others with an interest in how coal is produced, consumed and transported. The information and materials derived from this initiative can be used for advocating for coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

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The Tomorrow's Leadership Council (TLC)

The information in these sections was gathered by members of the ACC’s Tomorrow’s Leadership Council (TLC). TLC is designed to advance and vest young executive talent in the coal industry ~ especially the coal supply, consumption and transportation sectors. The Council provides a meaningful opportunity for up-and-coming executives to enhance their industry knowledge and networks through projects and activities that advance industry-wide objectives as well as professional development goals. Click here to learn more about the TLC.