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The American Coal Council (ACC) has established the following Committees to support the marketplace and advocacy needs of the ACC members and coal industry stakeholders.

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Tomorrow’s Leadership Council

A majority of the U.S. energy sector workforce, including skilled scientists & engineers, is eligible to retire within the next decade. The workforce must be replenished & retrained.”

~ National Petroleum Council Report ~ "Facing the Hard Truths About Energy” – September 2008

The ACC’s Tomorrow’s Leadership Council (TLC) is designed to advance and vest young executive talent in the coal industry. The Council provides a meaningful opportunity for up-and-coming executives to enhance their industry knowledge and networks through projects and activities that advance industry-wide objectives as well as professional development goals.

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Coal 2.0 Alliance

Objective: The ACC’s Coal 2.0 Alliance is focused on advancing the development and utilization of engineered coal fuels and coal preparation technologies through enhancing awareness of their environmental and efficiency performance benefits.


  • Development of fact sheets.
  • Agenda participation in ACC and other industry conference programs.
  • Development of ACC-hosted programs or webinars devoted to engineered coal fuels and coal preparation technology utilization.
  • Development of original data and/or reports as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • Promotion of the environmental and efficiency benefits of engineered coal fuels and coal preparation technologies through various communications and advocacy channels.

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ACC Conference Program Development Committees


The ACC hosts three conferences each year for industry executives ~ Spring Coal Forum (March)Coal Market Strategies (August), and the Coal Trading Conference (December). The conferences examine marketplace and public policy issues of critical importance to the coal supply chain including coal suppliers, traders, consumers, transportation companies, and support services partner firms. The Program Development Committees for these events are responsible for determining conference topics and identifying prospective speakers.

ACC Communications Committee

The American Coal Council's (ACC) Communications Committee principally serves as a sounding board for the ACC staff and board of directors, providing feedback on strategies and tactics associated with association communications and marketing materials.


ACC Coal Trading Committee

The ACC Coal Trading Committee develops and maintains industry standards for coal trading activity. This includes the Master Coal Sale and Purchase Agreement and information on traded products. The Committee is chaired by the Vice President Energy Traders of the ACC Board of Directors.


ACC Membership Committee

Join the ACC Membership Committee

Objective: This Committee is tasked with ACC membership recruitment and retention activities and is chaired by a member of the ACC Board.