A Note to ACC members re: Martonick Publications
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American Coal CouncilJune 10, 2013

Dear ACC Members,

It has come to our attention once again that Maria Martonick of Martonick Publications ("Martonick”), has been contacting ACC members in an attempt to sell listings in a Membership Directory publication for Coal Energy. Martonick infers that listing and advertising in this Coal Energy Membership Directory will reach four associations, including the American Coal Council.

Please be advised that the ACC has no business relationship or affiliation with Martonick or Coal Energy and in no way endorses or supports either Martonick or Coal Energy. Martonick has not been provided access to any mailing list from the ACC. Since ACC does not and will not share its membership or magazine mailing list with Martonick, any claim that Coal Energy reaches or goes out to ACC members or associates is both incorrect and misleading. The Martonick Membership Directory is NOT an ACC membership directory.

ACC publishes an annual Membership Directory in which listings are free for all ACC members. Our approved publisher and ad sales representative for the ACC Membership Directory and all other ACC publications is Lester Publications, with whom we have worked for many years. Together, the ACC and Lester have developed some of the finest, most respected publications in the coal industry. Your advertising support of these ACC publications and directories provides critical funding for the American Coal Council to offer programs and activities in service to the coal industry.

We appreciate your continued support of the ACC and its publications and membership directory.If you have questions or concerns about your listings or advertising, please contact me directly at (202) 756-4540 or bmonseu@americancoalcouncil.org.You may also contact our publisher Sean Davis at Lester Publications at sdavis@lesterpublications.com.

Thanks and best regards,

Betsy Monseu

ACC Chief Executive Officer