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ACC Statement in Response to EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan Regulation 8.3.2015

Monday, August 3, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jason Hayes
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The final Clean Power Plan continues EPA’s execution of President Obama’s legacy climate change agenda. It is a risky, expensive, and misguided regulatory scheme, devoid of any real climate impact. The increased emphasis on inefficient, intermittent renewables for electricity generation in the final plan only intensifies concerns about grid reliability. The Energy Information Administration projected closure of 90 gigawatts of coal capacity under EPA’s proposed plan. That’s nearly one third of the existing coal fleet, and that number is likely to rise under the final rule. With such drastic reductions, coal plants will be far less available to back up renewables or to buffer spiking natural gas prices.

The rule will impose enormous and unnecessary burdens on states, businesses, and families. It will raise electricity prices, disproportionately affecting those who can least afford it and driving American business and manufacturing offshore.

Arbitrarily limiting power generation choices and diminishing fuel competition runs counter to our nation’s free market system. This rule puts a government agency in the energy driver’s seat, picking and choosing winners and losers.

By proceeding down a path away from coal, the President also misses a global leadership opportunity. His administration ignores the practical reality of coal’s global importance as an abundant, reliable, affordable energy source. A U.S. regulatory mandate will not dissuade other countries from using coal to address urgent needs for improved access to electricity and alleviation of energy poverty.

A strong federal commitment to continued coal technology development would be far more effective than an imposed regulatory agenda which will unnecessarily harm the economy, eliminate good jobs, damage America’s ability to compete internationally, and reduce our energy and electricity security.

We urge continued efforts to counter this destructive regulation.

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