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ACC Statement in Response to EPA's Final Clean Power Plan Regulation 10-26-15

Monday, October 26, 2015  
Posted by: Jason Hayes
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The publication of the final Clean Power Plan in the Federal Register on October 23, 2015 triggered the timeline for filing legal challenges to it. States and industry groups immediately filed lawsuits, and motions were also filed seeking to stay the rule from taking effect until the litigation process is concluded.

The fact that 26 states filed lawsuits in opposition to this unprecedented, far-reaching regulation demonstrates the high level of concern about its legal foundations. It also reflects concerns about the economic harm that will come from it.

Coal is a key fuel source for our nation’s electricity providers, and it facilitates their world-class ability to provide affordable, reliable electricity. They have been increasingly encumbered by a multitude of air, water, and waste regulations at the federal level, and many state directives including the integration of renewables. The Clean Power Plan would exponentially escalate their challenges. Limiting power generation choices and prematurely retiring coal plants will diminish fuel competition and strand assets. That will come with huge costs and risks which will impose enormous and unnecessary burdens on states, businesses, and families. It will destroy good jobs, raise electricity prices, disproportionately affect low-income households, and damage America’s ability to compete internationally.

We support continued efforts to counter this misguided regulation.

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