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ACC Response to the President's Climate Change Agenda

Thursday, June 27, 2013  
Posted by: Jason Hayes
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8 A.M. EST, June 27, 2013

ACC Response to the President's Climate Change Agenda

With over 28 percent of the world's coal resources, America has more energy in coal than any other country in the world. In fact, there is more energy content in American coal reserves than in all of the Middle East's oil reserves. The American economy and way of life have long reaped the benefits of affordable coal-based electric generation. Emissions from coal-fueled plants have been declining for decades. Existing coal plants have been and continue to be upgraded to ensure compliance with stringent new regulations, while still providing American energy users with the affordable energy they need. New coal plants use advanced technologies which not only increase efficiency but produce 70-80 percent fewer conventional emissions.

The President’s plan recognizes the importance of coal as a global energy source, making reference to efficient coal technology and to carbon capture and sequestration technologies. America should capitalize on that recognition with continued focus on these technologies, including meaningful support of their research, development, and deployment. The International Energy Agency has mirrored that recognition, calling for accelerated deployment given that fossil fuels produce about four-fifths of the energy consumed worldwide. The global use of coal is increasing rapidly and will continue to grow, regardless of America’s energy policy.

American coal today provides over 40% of our nation's electricity needs, and growing coal exports are helping to balance our trade deficits. Coal will continue to provide jobs and help keep America competitive if we promote the effective use of this important American resource. Failing that, we will face rising energy prices, job losses, a stifled economic recovery, and hindered ability to compete internationally.

For further information, please contact ACC CEO, Betsy Monseu, or ACC Associate Director, Jason Hayes