Coal Communications Kit - Introduction
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2015 Project Objective

This project has taken our past TLC work beyond the conceptual stage to begin providing actual, hands-on tools that anyone in our industry can use to build bridges and counter public misinformation campaigns. Whether on an airplane, at a community event, or seeking to inform relatives and friends, coal-related industry employees and representatives now have useful facts and information at the ready to assist them in sharing the importance, value, and benefits of coal.

Our industry must work to continually grow outreach, providing balanced information about the effects of unreasonable energy and environmental policy decisions / regulatory actions that are far too costly and produce far too few environmental benefits. We must all educate those outside our industry about the value of coal to this nation’s economy (jobs, royalty payments, taxes, etc.), infrastructure, and energy supply. We must highlight coal’s increasingly clean environmental profile and the importance of the continued development of clean coal technologies.

To do so, however, coal industry employees and representatives need information that they can easily access, understand, and distribute/communicate.

Therefore, the 2015 annual project has prepared a Coal Communications Kit, which:

  • Builds coal-themed educational resources for sharing at ACC events and in ACC publications as well as online and through social media
  • Makes use of the diverse information collected in previous TLC projects
  • Uses publications, research, and products available from other coal-focused organizations, academia, industry (PR/Marketing/Government Relations), and government sources

This Coal Communications Kit provides ideas and information that coal industry employees and representatives can use to improve communications and relations with others in the public realm. It provides ready responses to commonly held negative notions about coal. It offers convenient “elevator speeches”, Facebook posts, and Tweets, as well as more detailed information and resources.

We hope that the members of the industry find this information useful and easy to share. Please send comments to