Coal Market Strategies Conference
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August 12-14, 2019
Stein Eriksen Lodge ~ Park City, Utah


The coal industry continues to step up to the conditions defined by the current state of markets, logistics, regulation, policy, and technology. Thermal coal exports have encountered a swooning API 2 index in recent months while metallurgical coal has generally stayed the course. Natural gas, coal, and renewables are facing off for power sector market demand. Weather has repeatedly stressed infrastructure, impacting rail and barge shipments. Important regulatory reforms are continuing, and they are better balancing economic and environmental objectives by applying law rather than creating it, streamlining processes rather than adding administrative burdens, and removing barriers and uncertainty. 

Policymakers and those influencing America’s future energy mix must not pick winners and losers  when it comes to energy resources, nor should they leave coal out of “clean energy” policy objectives. Energy and fuel diversity are essential. The world uses eight billion tons of coal annually for affordable, available electricity supply and for steel making and other industrial uses. Our nation must think local and global. The U.S. must stay the course to sustain coal for these important and critical applications and to create continued opportunities to advance and deploy coal technology and to develop new markets and uses for coal. 

Please join us August 12-14, 2019 at Coal Market Strategies in Park City, Utah to explore timely topics covering thermal and metallurgical coal, power markets, transportation, gas, renewables, regulations, policy, and technology.


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