About the ACC
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ACC Advances the Power, the Promise & the Pride of America’s Coal Industry

Industry Focused Education, Networking & Advocacy

American Coal Council (ACC) provides relevant educational programs, market intelligence, advocacy support and peer-to-peer networking forums to advance members’ commercial and professional development interests.

ACC represents the collective interests of the American coal industry ~ from the hole-in-the-ground to the plug-in-the-wall ~ in advocating for coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

ACC serves as an essential resource for industry, policy makers and public interest groups. The Association supports activities and objectives that advance coal supply, consumption, transportation and trading.

The ACC's predecessor organization, the Western Coal Council (WCC) was founded in 1982 as the Western Coal Export Council (WCEC), a private industry trade group formed to promote exports of western U.S. coal to the Pacific Rim. In 1986, the WCEC changed its name to the Western Coal Council to more accurately reflect the association's support of both domestic and international markets.

Industry-wide information resource

With our broad experience, the ACC provides comprehensive perspectives on industry-wide issues. In today’s complicated business environment, no single industry sector issue can be considered in isolation in a company’s strategic and tactical decision-making.

Thriving in today’s marketplace requires industry-wide marketplace intelligence and comprehensive knowledge of supply, demand, transportation, environmental, financial and public policy issues. The ACC provides this knowledge.

Balanced perspective

The ACC advocates a non-adversarial approach to business relationships, recognizing that today’s business climate requires increasing cooperation between the coal supply, transportation and consumer sectors to achieve mutually beneficial results. ACC conference programs, publications and information resources provide a balanced perspective on critical industry issues.

Advocacy support

The ACC advocates for coal as an economic, abundant/secure and environmentally sound fuel source. The ACC does not lobby for specific legislative initiatives that would support one industry sector or one company’s interests over another. The ACC does advocate for coal as the nation’s best energy fuel choice in the halls of Congress, in industry forums, in regulatory arenas, in the media and among community leaders and the public.

Breadth and depth

ACC conferences, publications, and information resources are designed to advance the many and varied business activities of its member companies. The association’s programs and services support senior executives, operations personnel, marketing, procurement and transportation staff, financial managers and environmental managers.

Equal footing

All members of the ACC are fully vested in the association; all sectors of the coal supply, transportation, consumer, trading and support services industries are equal members with full participation and voting rights.