Benefits of Membership
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Why Join the American Coal Council (ACC)

The ACC represents the coal industry, "from the hole in the ground, to the plug in the wall." No other association in our industry represents as diverse a membership base.

Industry-wide information resources: Diverse experience and industry-wide intelligence on supply, demand, transportation, environmental, financial and public policy issues.

Balanced perspective on critical industry issues: A non-adversarial approach to business relationships, recognizing that today's business climate requires increasing cooperation to achieve beneficial results.

Advocacy (as opposed to lobbying): Advocating, in the halls of Congress, in industry forums, in the media, among community leaders, and the public, for coal as the nation's best energy fuel choice - economic, abundant/secure and environmentally sound.

Breadth and depth: ACC conferences, publications and information resources are designed to advance the many and varied business activities of its member companies.

Equal footing: All members of the ACC - all sectors of the coal supply, transportation, consumer, trading, and support services industries - are fully vested, equal members with full participation and voting rights.

As a member of the ACC you'll benefit from:


Premier Educational Programming: ACC events feature discussion of timely, critical marketplace and public policy issues, detailed operations updates, cutting edge management techniques, and -- of course -- expert speakers.

Broad-based, High-level Networking: Event attendees are typically senior-level executives and industry decision makers from all sectors of the coal industry- suppliers, consumers, traders, transportation, ports and terminals, and support services.


Coal Advocacy: In a variety of forms - "American Coal" Magazine, "Advocacy Alerts," social media, public presentations, fact sheets, newsletters, Hill visits, Congressional testimonies, committees, and publications in other media outlets.

Enhanced Industry Visibility: ACC members gain recognition in the membership directory, buyers guide, and in ACC newsletters. Event and publication sponsorship opportunities and publications provide additional venues to showcase your company's products and services.

Policy Input: The ACC CEO has served on the Advisory Board of the Womens' Mining Coalition a grassroots organization that brings women in the mining industry together to communicate with Congress the vital importance of a strong American mining industry.  Our CEO has also served on the National Coal Council, an advisory group to the U.S. Secretary of Energy. Both organizations provide an opportunity for the ACC to participate in dialogues and studies impacting energy policy development.

Events & Publications: ACC members receive discounts to ACC conferences, webinars, and seminars, as well as discounts on ACC studies, and magazine advertising. We've also partnered with trade publications to offer special subscription opportunities for members.

Member Communications: We keep you informed of industry issues and activities through the ACC web site, Coalblog, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn), newsletters, book reviews, public speaking, committee activities, and reports.

Business Referrals: Membership gets you included on the short list of American coal resources that are referenced in response to telephone, fax and e-mail inquiries to the ACC office.

Updated & Informed: ACC programs, committee memberships, and activities provide opportunities for members to advance their professional skills, keep current on emerging trends and industry developments, gain experience and make new contacts.

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