A Message from our CEO
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Welcome to the ACC website!

Over the years, our website has transitioned from an electronic brochure to an interactive resource, linked to dynamic social media tools. The site is intended to serve two audiences, our American Coal Council members with their need for marketplace and business information, and public stakeholders with their need for information about the coal industry.

2019 brings the American Coal Council into our 37th year! We continue to pursue our Association objectives grounded in the strength of our original charter, representing the interests of the full spectrum of the coal chain from the hole-in-the-ground to the plug-in-the-wall. Those objectives include:

  • Supporting the business, marketing and management capabilities of American coal suppliers, coal consumers, coal transporters, energy traders and coal support service companies.
  • Advocating for coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.
  • Supporting the activities and objectives of associations and organizations involved in advancing coal supply, consumption, transportation and trading.

In 2019, the dialogues on coal, energy and electricity policy will continue. ACC will continue to inform and educate on our top policy priorities:

  • Preserving the U.S. electric sector coal generating fleet
  • Promoting the export of U.S. coal and coal technology and educating stakeholders about coal’s global importance
  • Developing coal technology, and new markets and uses for coal

ACC will contribute to these important dialogues through our website, ACC publications, federal agency filings/comments on regulations, conference presentations, other public education, and social media (www.coalblog.orgwww.facebook.com/AmericanCoalwww.twitter.com/AmericanCoal).

We encourage ACC members to take advantage of the many benefits of membership by accessing the information available in the Members Page section of this site. You’ll find a 2018 year-end membership report with an update on what’s new for 2019. Also posted there are current and historical recordings and presentations from our webcast and on-site conference programs as well as ACC staff presentations.

Finally, for information and registration for our onsite conferences, Coal Q&A webcasts, and other ACC programs, please refer to the Events & Programs section of our website.

We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this website and the American Coal Council.


Betsy Monseu
Chief Executive Officer 
American Coal Council