Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

American Coal Council

What is the American Coal Council (ACC)?

The American Coal Council (ACC) is dedicated to advancing the development and utilization of American coal as an economic, abundant/secure, and environmentally sound energy fuel source. The ACC is an alliance of coal, utility, transportation, energy traders, terminal and coal support services companies, advocating a non-adversarial, partnering approach to business.

The ACC facilitates the lawful exchange of ideas and information regarding the utility-coal industry. It serves as an essential resource for companies that mine, sell, trade, transport or consume American coal. The ACC also serves as a resource for those wishing to expand or enhance business relationships in American and international coal markets.

Who can Join the ACC?

Membership in the ACC is open to all coal suppliers, coal consumers, transportation companies, ports/terminals, energy traders and suppliers/service providers with an interest in the American coal business.

How often does the ACC membership meet?

The ACC hosts an annual membership meeting each year in conjunction with its Spring Coal Forum (March).

TheSpring Coal Forum  features industry speakers on topics of importance to American coal suppliers and consumers. The event features senior level industry speakers, as well as consultant, government and academic representatives offering a broad-based perspective on critical issues, energy policy, developing technology, and domestic and export markets.

Each October, the ACC sponsors the Coal Market Strategies (CMS) Conference. This event is the premier forum for strategic issues impacting the utility-coal industry. The conference program examines critical market-place and public policy issues, as well as topics of unique concern to eastern and western U.S. markets.

What is the ACC's Mission Statement?

American Coal Council (ACC) provides relevant educational programs, market intelligence, advocacy support and peer-to-peer networking forums to advance members’ commercial and professional development interests.

ACC represents the collective interests of the American coal industry ~ from the hole-in-the-ground to the plug-in-the-wall ~ in advocating for coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

ACC serves as an essential resource for industry, policy makers and public interest groups. The Association supports activities and objectives that advance coal supply, consumption, transportation and trading.

What is the ACC's Business Agenda?

The American Coal Council's (ACC) programs and activities support an evolving business agenda that currently focuses on the following mandates.

Business & Issues Management

  • The ACC embraces strategic partnerships and alliances as a means of providing innovation and efficiency for its members.
  • The ACC supports the increased utilization of coal combustion products (CCPs), encourages sound CCP policy-making by state and federal officials and advocates for the environmental benefits associated with the use of CCPs.
  • The ACC brings together, as equal partners, all sectors of the coal supply chain to address logistical concerns and opportunities in a non-adversarial forum.
  • The ACC supports the development and commercialization of new Clean Coal Technologies.
  • The ACC has developed committees to support the marketplace and advocacy needs of the coal industry. Each Committee has specific objectives and seeks to coordinate its efforts with other industry trade associations and/or government entities with complementary goals.
  • The ACC promotes the development and modernization of coal production, transportation, generation and transmission infrastructure to ensure our nation's energy needs are economically and securely met.
  • The ACC supports the development and utilization of efficient and effective coal trading practices and procedures.

Professional Development

  • The ACC supports executives in the utility-coal industry in their pursuit of knowledge and professional excellence.
  • The ACC offers programs and leadership participation opportunities to enhance the marketing and management capability of its members.

Advocacy Support

  • The ACC advocates for the coal supply and consumption industry through participation in energy policy dialogues, industry and public education forums, and media relations.
  • The ACC promotes public awareness of the impact and importance of the coal business through community outreach, strategic alliances and educational forums.
  • The ACC supports the efforts of other organizations to advance utility-coal interests, including the National Mining Association (NMA), Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), the Association of American Railroads (AAR), the National Coal Council (NCC), the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA), and the Coal Association of Canada (CAC).