Issues and Advocacy
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The ACC is focused on promoting and advocating for coal as an abundant, affordable, reliable, domestic fuel. Coal has been a primary means through which bilions of people have been raised up  out of poverty. Coal has been used as the energy foundation world economies used to progress and develop.

Through the use of coal - and the products it provides: heat, energy, electricity, liquid fuels, chemical feedstocks, construction materials, etc. - many nations have been able to improve human health, improve the wealth and well-being and overall quality of life of billions of people throughout human history. In this section we review many of the benefits of using coal.

As with all other sources of energy, there are environmental impacts associated with using coal to provide much needed energy and products to the world. Industry and government have therefore invested many billions of dollars in research and development to address these issues. We discuss many of the existing (and developing) combustion and emissions reduction technologies used today to mitigate coal's environmental impacts.

Coal is a boon and a help to people around the world, and we're proud to advocate for its use.

We advocate for the increased use of coal in 1) existing coal-fueled power plants, 2) new coal-fueled power plants, 3) as a valuable export commodity, and 4) as the source of coal ash and other combustion products - which are an essential building block in American infrastructure and construction.

If you see a topic that should be covered, or information that needs to be updated or expanded, please contact us and let us know.